Saturday, January 30, 2010


It was a wonderful Saturday morning. I rose up and started my morning really slowly, was staying at a friend's house. At some point I took my laptop, plugged in my USB stick and prepared to do some useful things with my time.

USB is not responding, oh well that happens every now and then, lets replug, still not working... A small alarm indicator went in my head. Lets try the other port, computer recognize the stick, the free/used space match, but... OH MY GOD, NO FILES!!!

*Sigh* just two months ago I lost a 250g disk to a hardware malfunction... I've decided to run chkdsk, and indeed, errors were found, but there was insufficient disk space on the stick for chkdsk do finish his thing (and a good thing that!). It was a mistake to use chkdsk, I should have used a recovery software right away.

The file system on the stick went caput :-(

From google, I got to checking The Free Country, an excellent source of free software. After trying several utilities from the Data Recovery section, I found this excellent utility: DiskDigger

Unfortunately at this point all I was left to work with was scattered blocks of that on the hard drive, so simple undelete procedures didn't work. DiskDigger however, managed to recover most of my important files, the docs and pictures especially.

Now I'm left with the annoying task of sorting through the unnamed files... This really ruined my Saturday.


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